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Leading Obstetricians and Midwives recommend our workshops because they see the results! Parents that prepare with us have more confidence, more control and an increased sense of calm.

We aim to prepare you and your partner for labour and birth because we know that you’ll feel better when you’re prepared. We don’t push one method of birthing over another, we will help you prepare for any birth experience

  • Normal, Natural, Drug Free, Low Intervention
  • Planned or Emergency Caesarean
  • Assisted Births using Medical Technology including Epidurals, Gas and Tens Machines.

Our workshops are light on theory and high on the practical so you walk away confidently using the skills in one weekend. If you think you’ll forget, we have a full bite size videos to support your practice right up until the day you meet you baby. Mums rave about them, birth partners love them and so will you. We’d love to see you there.

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Want to get an idea about what you can do to prepare for your labour and birth? Understand how history shapes us, your amazing body and what you can do to help yourself and your partner for the arrival of your baby.

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Birth Basics Live Workshop

Learn practical skills and techniques to enhance your hospital’s education in this highly enjoyable 2 day workshop. Outcomes for both the mother to be and the birth partner include:

  • Control over your emotions
  • Confidence in yourself and your birth partner
  • Skills and techniques for staying calm
  • A practical role for your birth partner
  • Understand the birth process and how to navigate the hospital system
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Birth Basics Plus: Live Workshops + All Videos

The most comprehensive birth preparation program ever! You get everything in the 2 day Birth Basics Workshop and full, unlimited access to our video course. Integrating the face to face workshop and the online video means you won’t miss anything. Refresh any part of the workshop anywhere, anytime on any device.

Our quality bite size video content helps you prepare right up until the day you meet your baby and you can prepare as much or as little or as often as you want to.

Breathing for Birth

In these 2 hour Melbourne based workshops, you will learn 3 great techniques:

  • Breathing for calm
  • Breathing for contractions and
  • Breathing for pushing.

Feeling comfortable with these breathing techniques and knowing how to apply them at different stages of your labour can go a long way to having a better birthing experience.

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Over 1000 people rate our personal workshops
a 4 out of 5 or more for value and we are confident that you will too!

We are so committed to delivering you more than what you expect, that if you are not completely satisfied with our courses, we offer a full money back guarantee on all of our workshops and video courses.

The only thing we ask, is that you let us know how we could make the experience better!