Hi Bec, How are you? I've been meaning to email you but have been flat out! So Lucas and I welcomed into the world nearly 5 weeks ago a little girl named Stevie Olivia Dougherty. Stevie was induced 2 and half weeks early due to my amniotic fluid levels dropping way too low. It was a very slow process, 40 long hours!! I used my breathing techniques during my surges as much as I could. After 30 hours and 3 doses of gel the doctors needed to get Stevie out so they gave me a massive dose of oxytocin which put me into active labour with little warning. I was in quite a lot of pain so needed an epidural which was great for a little bit before it stopped working down my left side. So I was pain free on the right, pain all on my left. The breathing techniques helped me a lot! It managed to relax me as much as I could and Lucas was extremely proud! I'm glad we did the Birth Sense course with you as I was very calm during the whole process and confident my body knew what to do. I believe that came from what you taught us! So thank you Bec! Elise & Lucas 🙂


Hi Rebecca My wife Daniela Ashdown & I attended your course on 19 & 20 January. Our gorgeous baby Emilia was born on 8/4/13 2 weeks late after being induced & going through about 10 hours of labour. Mother & baby are doing really well. Daniela used all of the relaxation & breathing techniques to get her through the labour & managed to do so without the aid of pain relief aside from a tens machine. The 4 different midwives we dealt with were so amazed & proud of her as was I. I'd just like to say a big thank you for teaching us those excellent techniques! Thanks Dan Flanagan


Hi Rebecca, I hope you are well. I have been meaning to email you sooner, but the days seem to fly by! I wanted to let you know that we had a beautiful baby girl, Daisy, on 11 July at St Vincent's Private. I ended up being induced as my blood pressure was too high, which was a bit scary as I was very nervous about the Syntosin. The drip went in at 7.30am and she arrived at 11am, so it was a fast and furious labour. In the early stages I found the breathing and deepening exercises were fantastic at focussing me, as it went on I confess I probably lost a bit of focus as it all happened so quickly! I also got a TENS machine which was great, I used the gas and by the time I called for the anaesthetist I was fully dilated - so they convinced me to power on without the epidural. I was really glad that we did the Birth Sense course as I feel it prepared us both for labour and the stages. I also found that the recordings and techniques were so useful in the last weeks of pregnancy to help me sleep and relax. James said that it gave him something to focus on in terms of helping me during labour. So thank you for your help, and we are loving our first few weeks as parents, it is amazing. Kind regards, Alex & James Cooper


Hi Bec I trust this email finds you well. My apologies for the late email to you, it has now been 9 weeks and 4 days since Jayden is born. Life has been very busy since his arrival. I would like to introduce to you our little one, Jayden Christian Cheng, he was born on Friday 3 February 2012, weighing 3.62kg at Mitcham Private Hospital. Bec, although this is the first time I have given birth but I must say it is the best experience I have ever had. At least I wouldn't say no to given birth to a second child. From the moment of when my water broke to the moment I pushed him out, ever second of it was enjoyable and calming. Colin was extremely surprised at how calm and quiet I was from the moment my water broke. The only time I made some sort of noise was when I started to push. The whole way through I was quiet as a mouse and the fact that I keep falling asleep kind of really helps. Even the nurse and Sophie Leong said I had a very good birth, they wished there were more like me hehehe All my friends who I have spoken to about my experience were extremely surprised as well, they do know how low my pain tolerance is and just surprised to hear of a good birthing experience. Colin and I highly recommend your program, we have been directing a lot of our friends who are expecting to your website. Even one of our cousins from Malaysia. Here' s some photos of Jayden. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Best Regards Ida Lau


Hi Rebecca, Sorry were a bit belated in letting you know but we had a beautiful baby boy Lachlan on Fri 27th April. Had a great delivery and as I suspected followed in my sisters footsteps! Had Lachie (vaginal delivery and no pain killers) in 3 hours 42mins. Birth Sense was awesome in the lead up to birth keeping me positive and relaxed in the weeks prior. The tens was my life line during labour!! If I'm totally honest, while going through the contractions (which were very intense very quickly - started at 4-5mins and within 40 mins were 2 mins apart) I didn't think the breathing was helping at all but on reflection just after the birth I knew it definitely had helped. It gave me something to focus on. I listened to the birth affirmations on repeat through the whole process. I found it really helped. The breathing also really helped in the pushing phase to keep me focused on what I was to do. I didn't freak out at all during the process (only at one point did I think to myself- I'm not sure if I can do this, but then the pushing phase started). I felt confident in my body and knew it was all natural which really helped. I can imagine if you didn't have that understanding and view it would be easy to panic at what your body is doing. All in all though I would definitely recommend Birth Sense to everyone! Having the perspective that birth is natural and your body is capable was the best thing leading up to labour and during. The breathing exercises and deepening techniques give you a bit of an anchor to [...]


Hi Rebecca, I’ve been meaning to email you for ages to say thank you for the help Birth Sense gave us. We went to a weekend course in September last year, and ended up welcoming Gabriella in early December. Whilst we didn’t end up using a lot of the “distraction” techniques (I just wanted Andy to put his fist to my lower back very hard, and not to go near my head or arms or shoulders!), the breathing helped a lot (although, how anyone can breathe slowly through surges with just a couple of breaths beats me!). It was also really good to know more about what my body was doing at each stage, and how everything was coming together to bring our gorgeous Gabi into the world. We ended up giving birth naturally and drug free, which was our goal although not necessarily our expectation. I believe your guidance helped enormously with that outcome. Now, if only there was a course you could do to make the first 3 months go as smoothly! Thanks again, and I hope all is well with you. Gen


Hi Bec , I would like to start by saying thank you for sharing your Birth Sense knowledge and equip couples like Chris and I with these amazing life tools. I would like to share my/our story with you as I feel so passionate about my Birth Sense experience. I’m so grateful to know the techniques and truly believe they have given me the opportunity to stay calm and given me strength when I thought I was running out of it. (Please excuse the length and potential spelling mistakes.. Still a bit sleep deprived). When we found out we were pregnant with our second child it was a natural decision to start thinking about Birth Sense again. We've had such a great and empowering experience with our first child that I was starting to feel nervous that the second labour wouldn't be as great as the first. As the time went by I started to worry more and more and found it very hard to stay positive. The course was amazing; as soon as Bec started to talk it all came back to us. We walked out of the course feeling super confident and excited again. When I came back to Australia I wasn't feeling the best, I just knew something wasn't right so I went and saw my obstetrician. They still can't explain exactly what happened but from 32-35.5 weeks we were in and out of hospital, on bed rest and on strong medication to try to stop our little boy from coming early. During this challenging period my surges would come as regular as 4 minutes apart for a few hours each time. Every time it happened we stayed calm, relaxed and used [...]


Hi Bec, Thank you for your email I have been meaning to write to you! Sorry it has taken us a little while to find our feet again to let you know our news! Little Cecilia Astrid Börlin came safely into the world on Tuesday 8 October. She was exactly a week late which in end worked very well because it meant she had that extra strength to go through a 36 hour labour!!! After labouring all Monday afternoon and Monday night, we made contact with our Cosmos midwife throughout the night to let her know of our progress. I used your CD's and slow breathing techniques during these hours and did not feel the need for any pain relief. Tomas was a WONDERFUL support person suggesting different positions during the surges and offering me drinks and snacks and shoulder or two to lean on which was wonderful. The contractions were coming pretty regularly by 5am so we asked if it was ok to come in to the hospital which it was so we jumped in the car and got to the admission by 6am. To our surprise, the lady working in admission was a friend of mine so it was SOOO reliving to have a familiar face as we came through the door. Believe it or not, a labouring lady who came in at the same time as us gave birth then and there in admission right next to us which was so emotional, I started crying saying to Tomas, 'that will be us soon'. I was then checked over and found that I was 6cm dilated so we were thrilled with the progress and we were encouraged to keep doing exactly what we were doing knowing I [...]


Hi Rebecca, Seeing your highlight of 10 families on Facebook reminded me that I wanted to write a birth story for you (and me!). I have also included a bunch of photos that I have taken - I hope you don't mind my business watermark - talk to me if you do. Lee thinks I might have overdone the number of photos.. he's probably right - but Tom is gorgeous... Early on in my pregnancy I was very much in the moment, but as I passed 30 weeks, everything became a lot more real. I started thinking about the actual delivery part! Given this was my first child I was ultra-curious about what the sensation would be like. From the few stories I had heard it seemed to vary massively from person to person. Talking to friends of mine who had used Hypnobirthing I decided that was exactly what I wanted to learn and asap! The training with Rebecca from Birth Sense Australia was fantastic. In particular I was looking for a practical guide of what to expect, some tools to handle it and a role for my husband, which is exactly what Rebecca gave us. She was approachable, knowledgeable, and down to earth and after just the first session I felt prepared for what was to come - whatever and whenever that may be. Tom was due and arrived on Wednesday 19th June (what a good boy). The Saturday before I had noticed a slow leak, but it was so slow I couldn't be sure what it was. By Sunday night I had guessed it was amniotic fluid. By Monday I was sure, but it was clear and there [...]