Hi Rebecca We wanted to share our great news with you - we had baby Harry Ralph Griffith Sacks on Friday 18 May! He is perfect and divine; we are completely besotted with our gorgeous man. I have attached a few photos of him! Unfortunately he didn't want to enter the world on his terms, despite two 'stretch and sweeps' in the 10 days prior, so I was induced. We were only briefly disappointed that we wouldn't be labouring at home and focussed on his wellbeing based on our wonderful doctor's advice. It was a quick and intense labour. My waters were broken at 8.30am with me already 2cm dilated. I had some natural contractions so they put me on a lower dose of syntocin at 9am. My contractions still came fast and strong and I was ready to push by midday! We used our Birth Sense techniques over that intense three and half hour period of very regular contractions along with a tens machine. I had a low level of gas through three contractions later on but decided it wasn't for me. I thank Birth Sense and the tens machine for a drug-free labour (except for a tiny bit of gas!) where I stayed in control and was able to go into my own world to manage each contraction. She might say it to all her patients, but our doctor commented on how amazingly well I had done! I had apologised in advance to Dave for anything I might say or any less than loving gestures, but I'm pleased to say there were no antics or screaming. Instead I stayed extremely calm. Dave felt empowered to support me and did a superb job. [...]