Project Description

Hi Bec, How are you? I've been meaning to email you but have been flat out! So Lucas and I welcomed into the world nearly 5 weeks ago a little girl named Stevie Olivia Dougherty. Stevie was induced 2 and half weeks early due to my amniotic fluid levels dropping way too low. It was a very slow process, 40 long hours!! I used my breathing techniques during my surges as much as I could. After 30 hours and 3 doses of gel the doctors needed to get Stevie out so they gave me a massive dose of oxytocin which put me into active labour with little warning. I was in quite a lot of pain so needed an epidural which was great for a little bit before it stopped working down my left side. So I was pain free on the right, pain all on my left. The breathing techniques helped me a lot! It managed to relax me as much as I could and Lucas was extremely proud! I'm glad we did the Birth Sense course with you as I was very calm during the whole process and confident my body knew what to do. I believe that came from what you taught us! So thank you Bec! Elise & Lucas 🙂