Project Description

Hi Bec , I would like to start by saying thank you for sharing your Birth Sense knowledge and equip couples like Chris and I with these amazing life tools. I would like to share my/our story with you as I feel so passionate about my Birth Sense experience. I’m so grateful to know the techniques and truly believe they have given me the opportunity to stay calm and given me strength when I thought I was running out of it. (Please excuse the length and potential spelling mistakes.. Still a bit sleep deprived). When we found out we were pregnant with our second child it was a natural decision to start thinking about Birth Sense again. We've had such a great and empowering experience with our first child that I was starting to feel nervous that the second labour wouldn't be as great as the first. As the time went by I started to worry more and more and found it very hard to stay positive. The course was amazing; as soon as Bec started to talk it all came back to us. We walked out of the course feeling super confident and excited again. When I came back to Australia I wasn't feeling the best, I just knew something wasn't right so I went and saw my obstetrician. They still can't explain exactly what happened but from 32-35.5 weeks we were in and out of hospital, on bed rest and on strong medication to try to stop our little boy from coming early. During this challenging period my surges would come as regular as 4 minutes apart for a few hours each time. Every time it happened we stayed calm, relaxed and used all the Birth Sense techniques we learnt. The midwives in the hospital were fantastic and supported us a 100%. They quickly stopped asking me if I wanted painkillers as they could see how well we managed. On Tuesday the 18th June (35 weeks and 3 days) the surges were coming on a bit more intense. At this stage we were home with our first son but I thought it would be best to call the hospital and let them know it was going.. Again. The midwife in charge stayed with me on the phone for a good 10min and then asked us to come in. After consulting with our obstetrician they decided to let me go and not try to stop it. I was so relived and happy to finally be in proper labour. But by midnight not much had happened, I was only 2cm dilated so my obstetrician came in and broke my waters to help me get things moving a bit more regular, unfortunately this didn't help at all. It did the complete opposite. Everything just stopped!! After having regular surges on and off for over 3 weeks I was starting to feel very frustrated and decided to go for a walk around the hospital hoping that would help. Nope, still nothing! I just couldn't believe it when the midwife told me that they wanted to put in a drip. We've been trying to stop it for so long and now we had to get it going with medication. My head was spinning at this point but I refused to let it get to me. My husband was amazing; he stepped in and took control of the situation. He prepared the room with our beautiful aromatherapy, salt lamp, calming music up and told the midwife that we wouldn't allow them to put it too quickly. About 5am I could tell the midwife was starting to get a bit tiered and funny about things not progressing quicker. Her language changed and she kept telling me that things needed to come on stronger, be more painful and that we had to turn the drip up. Up until then I had felt in control, calm, relaxed and confident. Another check showed that I hadn't dilated more and she suggested I have a shower to gain some strength and wake up a bit as things would have to increase. I was feeling so disappointed at this stage, I was crying and telling my husband and friend that I thought I had to have an epidural as they would turn the drip up heaps and things would get out if control. The midwife told me that she thought it would be a good idea and called the anaesthetised straight away. As he walked in to our beautiful calm room he looked a bit surprised and asked if he was in the right room, he proceeded to ask me what was going on and why I needed an epidural. It was at this point I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, looked at my husband and said - I don't want this. I know I can do this, I trust my body, I trust you and I trust our baby. The anaesthetised looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder and said good luck darling, I think you made the right decision. I'm around if you need me later. Puh, he wasn't angry with me. This all happened at the same time as a new shift started. At 7am our beautiful midwife Ali walks in. The first thing she did was to turn the ugly big bright lights off; she asked my friend to put the Birth Sense tracks on again and told my husband to close his eyes for a while. She sat down next to me and told me to try to relax, focus on my breathing and listen to the tracks again. Ahhhh I was back in my zone, I felt great, and I was focused and was meeting each surge with my breath again. I was repeating the affirmations in my head and I knew at this point I was back on track. Around 9.00am our midwife asked if she could check me. I was 5cm, I was so happy to hear we were progressing well and thought to myself that I would probably meet our little boy in another 5-6hours (all based in my first labour experience) After the check things started to get slightly more intense so at 9.30am I told the midwife that I wouldn't mind a hot shower again. As I was standing in the shower I was feeling intense pressure down below but I was still able to put myself in hypnosis, but it defiantly was taking more work and more concentration. Our midwife came in to the bathroom looked at me, told me that she wanted me to get out of the shower. I asked her why and she calmly told me... Cause I can see your baby’s head. Oh... Ok I'm coming. I remember my beautiful husband asking if I wanted to put my top on but I just brushed him off and told him that there was no time for that. The bed was raised so I was able to stand up, grab my husband’s hand and lean forward before the next big surge came. Our lovely midwife told me to just follow my body and that's what I did, with the next 2 surges I half pushed andat 9.40am on the 19th June I caught our beautiful little Lucas coming out between my legs. In 40min I went from 5cm to holding our boy - amazing! We were able to reunite with our older son and leave the hospital after only 2 days as Lucas didn't need any special care and I was feeling great. Despite all the interventions I feel blessed because I’ve got to welcome both my sons into this world in the way I always dreamed of - a perfect calm way. It has been the most amazing experiences of our lives and my husband and I will always cherish them. Love Chris, Anna & Lucas Oliver & Lucas - our Birth Sense boys