Project Description

Hi Rebecca, Sorry were a bit belated in letting you know but we had a beautiful baby boy Lachlan on Fri 27th April. Had a great delivery and as I suspected followed in my sisters footsteps! Had Lachie (vaginal delivery and no pain killers) in 3 hours 42mins. Birth Sense was awesome in the lead up to birth keeping me positive and relaxed in the weeks prior. The tens was my life line during labour!! If I'm totally honest, while going through the contractions (which were very intense very quickly - started at 4-5mins and within 40 mins were 2 mins apart) I didn't think the breathing was helping at all but on reflection just after the birth I knew it definitely had helped. It gave me something to focus on. I listened to the birth affirmations on repeat through the whole process. I found it really helped. The breathing also really helped in the pushing phase to keep me focused on what I was to do. I didn't freak out at all during the process (only at one point did I think to myself- I'm not sure if I can do this, but then the pushing phase started). I felt confident in my body and knew it was all natural which really helped. I can imagine if you didn't have that understanding and view it would be easy to panic at what your body is doing. All in all though I would definitely recommend Birth Sense to everyone! Having the perspective that birth is natural and your body is capable was the best thing leading up to labour and during. The breathing exercises and deepening techniques give you a bit of an anchor to focus on during the process. I attached a pic for you too. I hope all is well. Thanks again for being part of our journey 🙂 Lauren, Mark and Lachie Xo