Project Description

Hi Rebecca, I’ve been meaning to email you for ages to say thank you for the help Birth Sense gave us. We went to a weekend course in September last year, and ended up welcoming Gabriella in early December. Whilst we didn’t end up using a lot of the “distraction” techniques (I just wanted Andy to put his fist to my lower back very hard, and not to go near my head or arms or shoulders!), the breathing helped a lot (although, how anyone can breathe slowly through surges with just a couple of breaths beats me!). It was also really good to know more about what my body was doing at each stage, and how everything was coming together to bring our gorgeous Gabi into the world. We ended up giving birth naturally and drug free, which was our goal although not necessarily our expectation. I believe your guidance helped enormously with that outcome. Now, if only there was a course you could do to make the first 3 months go as smoothly! Thanks again, and I hope all is well with you. Gen