Project Description

Hi Rebecca, I hope you are well. I have been meaning to email you sooner, but the days seem to fly by! I wanted to let you know that we had a beautiful baby girl, Daisy, on 11 July at St Vincent's Private. I ended up being induced as my blood pressure was too high, which was a bit scary as I was very nervous about the Syntosin. The drip went in at 7.30am and she arrived at 11am, so it was a fast and furious labour. In the early stages I found the breathing and deepening exercises were fantastic at focussing me, as it went on I confess I probably lost a bit of focus as it all happened so quickly! I also got a TENS machine which was great, I used the gas and by the time I called for the anaesthetist I was fully dilated - so they convinced me to power on without the epidural. I was really glad that we did the Birth Sense course as I feel it prepared us both for labour and the stages. I also found that the recordings and techniques were so useful in the last weeks of pregnancy to help me sleep and relax. James said that it gave him something to focus on in terms of helping me during labour. So thank you for your help, and we are loving our first few weeks as parents, it is amazing. Kind regards, Alex & James Cooper