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Hi Bec, Thank you for your email I have been meaning to write to you! Sorry it has taken us a little while to find our feet again to let you know our news! Little Cecilia Astrid Börlin came safely into the world on Tuesday 8 October. She was exactly a week late which in end worked very well because it meant she had that extra strength to go through a 36 hour labour!!! After labouring all Monday afternoon and Monday night, we made contact with our Cosmos midwife throughout the night to let her know of our progress. I used your CD's and slow breathing techniques during these hours and did not feel the need for any pain relief. Tomas was a WONDERFUL support person suggesting different positions during the surges and offering me drinks and snacks and shoulder or two to lean on which was wonderful. The contractions were coming pretty regularly by 5am so we asked if it was ok to come in to the hospital which it was so we jumped in the car and got to the admission by 6am. To our surprise, the lady working in admission was a friend of mine so it was SOOO reliving to have a familiar face as we came through the door. Believe it or not, a labouring lady who came in at the same time as us gave birth then and there in admission right next to us which was so emotional, I started crying saying to Tomas, 'that will be us soon'. I was then checked over and found that I was 6cm dilated so we were thrilled with the progress and we were encouraged to keep doing exactly what we were doing knowing I was not too far away from delivering. So we were then taken up to the birthing suites and kept going with our slow breathing techniques and different positions. We also tried the bath but found that I couldn't get comfortable so we stuck with the mattresses on the floor and Tomas's shoulder. About 6 hours passed and unfortunately I had only dilated to 7cm and that's when they realised she had turned into a posterior position which meant she was not pressing down on my cervix enough to fully dilate. Gratefully, I was not told this so I kept going thinking all was normal and I had no negative thoughts in my head which was soooo good. As I was not progressing, the nurses administered more Oxytocin to strengthen the contractions to help me fully dilate. This worked well and throughout the labour, little Cecilia's heart rate and my heart rate remained strong so we could continue naturally. At this stage I did have gas to keep me calm. After a little while the contractions were very strong and I had been labouring for close to 30 or so hours so they inserted an epidural to allow me to have some rest and to boost the oxytocin levels to fully dilate me. This was a relief not only for me but for poor Tomas, who grabbed the next two hours of rest on the floor of the birthing suite. Two hours later I was fully dilated & the epidural was removed so I could feel the contractions again and I started to push her out. Of course she was still posterior so the pushing stage took quite some time, two hours in fact. There were so many people in room, as I think it was quite something for them to see a natural posterior delivery because of the encouraging comments from the wonderful staff after the birth. Of course as I mentioned, I did not know about her being posterior which removed any negative thoughts and eventually Cecilia came into the world very safely and happily. It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life Bec, I was so in awe of my body and what it can do. When she suckles I feel the surges again to bring the uterus back to it's original size, it's just incredible, mother nature at her very best. Bec, we can not thank you enough for the skills you gave both Tomas and I. The skills you taught us helped us get through the many hours calmly and I think it resulted in a very calm baby throughout the labour and still today. She feeds so well and sleeps incredibly well, we are getting 4-5 hours block sleep in the nights which is amazing. I think the skills we learn't also helped us have the natural birth we had hoped for so thank you so much! We will be sure to come back for a refresher course when the time comes 😉 but for now we are enjoying our beautiful little girl. Attached are a few pictures to share with you. Of course you are also welcome to include our story on your website. Thanks again Bec! Kind regards, Christabel and Tomas